Mission & History

The mission of The Exchange Club/Stephens Center is to promote healthy, nurturing families through appropriate home-visiting, parenting classes, and community education programs. The Stephens Center is accredited by both Healthy Families America and the National Exchange Club. The Center is also licensed by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. The Exchange Club/Stephens Center provides services to children and parents in Overton, Putnam, Cumberland, DeKalb, Macon, Clay, Pickett, Jackson, Smith, and White Counties.

The Exchange Club/Stephens Center, a non-profit, 501( c )3 family support agency, was established in 1988 by Anna Stephens in memory of her late husband, Holland J. Stephens.  The Center is part of the nationwide network of Exchange Club Centers and receives annual support from the Exchange Clubs of Lake Tansi and Livingston.

Executive Director’s Message

Nurturing and effective parenting are critical to children’s development, health, and lifelong well-being. All children need parents who can identify, meet, and advocate for their needs. While all parents want to do their best, they cannot always do it alone. By recognizing and building upon existing strengths within the family and community, we can partner with parents and caregivers as they work to strengthen their families and provide a safe, loving environment for their children.

Each of the programs provided by The Exchange Club/Stephens Center works with children and families in our community to achieve the following goals which have been proven to protect children from risk:

  • Increase nurturing and attachment
  • Improve knowledge of positive parenting skills
  • Increase knowledge of child and youth development
  • Promote parental resilience
  • Widen the family’s network of social connections and community supports

Our programs reach hundreds of children each year at costs ranging from $425.00 to $1,843.00 per child per year. Your financial contribution plays a large part in creating safe homes and communities for children. Thank you for your love for children and for your support.


Dawn Killman Raines

Executive Director