Imagination Library

In Overton County, The Stephens Center coordinates the Imagination Library program which was created by Dolly Parton in 1996. Funded by the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation and the Overton County Commission, this program provides a new, age-appropriate book each month to children from birth to age five at no cost to the family. Registration forms are available at numerous business locations in Overton County and at The Stephens Center.   Each year, The Stephens Center sponsors an Imagination Library Celebration with something fun for everyone.  Past Imagination Library Celbrations have included: A spaghetti supper for $5.00 per plate, Jason Murphy “The Magic Man” astounding young and old with magic tricks, the Tennessee Highway Patrol demonstrating the “roll-over” vehicle and Ollie the Otter thrilling children with a visit.  Area businesses and organizations were on hand to give out information regarding services or products for children and they provided some great doorprizes.  Don’t miss next year’s Imagination Library Celebration.  Check back with our website for details. To find out more about The Imagination Library, visit or call The Stephens Center.

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