Friends For Family

Friends for Families is a home-visitation program serving families at-risk of child abuse or neglect who have at least one child in the home who is twelve or younger. A Center staff member or trained Volunteer Parent Aide visits weekly in the home to teach positive, non-violent parenting skills, discipline, and communication. Through our weekly support and education, these families are able to replace abusive or neglectful behaviors and attitudes with healthy, nurturing parenting skills. 

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For More Information

Exchange Club/Holland J. Stephens Center

for the Prevention of Child Abuse
616 N. Church St., Ste. B
Livingston, Tennessee 38570
931-823-6432 or Toll Free: 1-800-635-5199



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To Report Abuse or Neglect

Call the State of Tennessee 24 hour Toll-Free Reporting Hotline: